Richard Giannotti - Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Global Wealth Management - President: Sports & Entertainment Division

“Working with Shelly was incredible. From the moment I walked in and saw everything set up and ready to shoot, I knew I was working with a true professional that is passionate about his craft. He has a unique ability to make you feel comfortable and be playful, allowing the best content to get created. And in a world dominated by content, you need somebody behind the camera that can pull that out and put it together. Thanks Shelly!”



Coach Jimmy Hays Nelson  - Texas 

Speaker, Trainer, Coach, Author & CEO (www.TheCoachJimmy.com

Working with Shelly is a joy!  I love how he truly captures the true emotion of a moment not a staged contrived staging. He puts me at ease in front of the camera. I had a blast and the images reflect it! 

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Christopher Duffley - New Hampshire 

Speaker, Singer, Founder of Mission Possible Podcast (www.christopherduffley.com), 

As a blind autistic teenager, Christopher travels around the world sharing his touching story of his birth and he melts your heart with his voice. He has sung at Fenway park 3 times and has been featured on CNN and locations around the country.

by Christine Duffley "Shelly captured the essence of my son's joy.  His passion, talent and professionalism was very evident from our sessions together.  I would recommend Shelly without hesitation."

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Val Vigoda - Arizona

Professional Electric Violinist, Singer/Song Writer, Speaker, Val's music has been featured in Disney, Broadway and more. Most recently in "Earnest Shackelton Loves Me." (www.valvigoda.com)

Shelly!! Thanks so much for these. You are spectacular. I've never experienced a photographer who has made me feel so comfortable, and gotten excellent results so incredibly quickly. SO FAST AND FUN!

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Dr. Jason Pitkin, CNS, DC - New York

Author, Speaker, Certified Nutritional Specialist, and Chiropractor.

I've had 3 photoshoots with 3 expert photographers but until I met Shelly Au I still hadn't found the pictures that I was looking for.  It only took 20 minutes for him to get me comfortable and get a variety of great headshots that I can feel good about publishing and sharing.  Thanks Shelly!  

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T. Wong - San Francisco

"Shelly, thanks for helping our family take photos!! You did an awesome job!"



M. Lum - San Francisco

"Those pics are amazing!!!!!  Your talent really shows through the action kid shots.  You captured the emotions, the moments, and life.  Good job!!!!!  Our family really loves your work.  They were very impressed.  We especially love the panormaic shot.  That was too cool of an idea." 


C. Bell - Colorado

"Shelly was so easy to work with and our 3 year old son was very happy and photogenic due to Shelly drawing him out. The photos Shelly took turned out better than we had hoped for. Overall, it was a wonderful experience and I would highly recommend Shelly taking anyone's portraits or candid shots."


T. Gooldy - Colorado

"If you have little time, no ideas yourself of what makes a great family picture,  but want excellent pictures that the whole family will like, you will not be disappointed with the work of Shelly Au.  But the best part will be spending time with  a man of great character,  a  big smile and the sensitivity to make everyone feel relaxed!"