In 2006 I went on vacation to Yosemite National Park, I hired the best photographer money could buy. For 12 hours, we shot Yosemite, we looked at my best images, he taught me "Lightroom 2" tricks, we shot more, and I am forever grateful for Professional Photographer & Author Michael Frye from the Ansel Adams Gallery. 

That is why I believe that "INVESTING IN YOURSELF, IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU CAN DO" for yourself.



2018 MENTORING SESSIONS & PRICING: ($1000/mo for 6 Months Commitment) 



INVEST 1st month NOW


A Private Session each week for 1 hour at a scheduled time. 

We meet via zoom. If for some reason we are traveling, or have shoots, we can reschedule them to a more convenient time. 


Full Access to me via text or iMessage: Ever wish you could just text someone? Now you can. I will do my best to respond to your text as soon as I can. If I’m on vacation or traveling, I will let you know before hand. I will not respond while driving, but will let you know when I’m able. Note: This “Full Access” is only for those who commit to 6 months.


Open Book & Honesty: I’m an open book when it comes to photography, my opinions, reasons for other views, and the business side of photography. I will share as much as I can during those times and will not hold anything back. 



Camera & Gear: I’m a gear-head so I know a lot about cameras, lenses, and especially when people are over-analytical about gear. 


Photography Business Plan: Do you have a Strategic Planning Process (SPP) for your business? Do you know where your current income is coming from? How do you maximize what you already have coming in? What is your plan of attack? Are you leaving money on the table?


Marketing Plan: Do you have one? Who’s your target audience? Are you seeing each job as an opportunity to create more leads?


Workflow: Do you have a workflow that makes sense? If you hired an assistant, do you have a workflow that is clearly written out so even your assistant knows what to do?


Catastrophic Plan: Are you backed up? What happens if you loose your computer, your hard drive goes corrupt, your files get damaged? What about your camera? What happens if it gets stolen or damaged? Do you have access to those numbers and policy numbers ready to take action? What is your plan? Do you have your serial numbers and passwords, software, plugins, Lightroom settings, backed up in a location you can access remotely?


Your Photography Website: Is your website clear? Do you have a clear call to action? Are you utilizing the most important areas of your webpage? Do you have ONLY your best images on your website?


Troubleshooting Your Problems: When you have problems, I will either answer your question, or help you research the problem and find out what’s happening. Basically a teammate helping you solve your photography problems.