These are documentary pieces that I've done over the past 3 years through my Masters of Professional Studies at the School of Visual Arts in New York. My Two Beautiful Daughters exhibit is currently on tour and booked through June 2015.  



I have been exhibiting Two Beautiful Daughters for the past 4 months and it has been gaining popularity. It was featured in 9 different local newspapers around the Denver area. This project was my thesis for my Masters (MPS) at the School of Visual Arts in Digital Photography. A few of the images have won awards including the Adobe Student Achievement Awards finalist for 2013 and PDN Faces winner. Warning, not all my images in my exhibit are on here. You must see the exhibit live to view it in it's entirety along with the interactive portion of my exhibit. There is something startling about breaking glass that you must experience in my exhibit. I have a guidebook to go along with my exhibit that explores deep questions of pain and brokenness. I also have two version of my book.  A self published book through my publisher, and a handmade book with Japanese binding.  

Please enjoy a portion of "Two Beautiful Daughters."


This project came about from the continuous building from living in China. We see how China has rapidly been growing, but we overlook those people who work 15-20 hours a day making it happen. I was able to bring my white backdrop onto the building site near where I lived and got these images of these everyday workers who are the ones who are Rebuilding China brick by brick. 



This project started during my thesis preparation. As I learned to engaged the culture and lower class of the Chinese people, I noticed something special. They had this inner joy even though they were in poverty. In a culture that doesn't smile much and afraid of cameras this body of work shows the Joy of the Inner soul. I know black and white with the color of people is overdone, however I specifically processed it this way because the culture of China is so black and white, dull, smoggy, dirty, and downcast while the people in this project allowed me to capture their JOY...their color of life.