The Joy of China

This will be an ongoing project where I begin to capture joyful images of people in China.  At times living here it can be grim when the sun hides behind smog (hence the black and white), and people just don't smile here naturally.  My vision it engage the people in their daily work, and cause them to smile so big that when viewing it, it just lifts your soul and you can't help but smile back at an image or series of images (hence the people are in color).


Chai 拆: to Destroy, take apart

Chai is the word that is painted in red on buildings before it is torn down.  

This is a project I started in the 2011 Fall.  The purpose of this project is to show and document this change. With the positive growth of China comes heartache for others.  Buildings marked with the word CHAI means that it will be torn down and these individuals will be forced to leave their homes and some with government subsidy. There is sadness and beauty at the same time.